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3 Excellent Reasons to Choose an Executive MBA

Dr. Michele O’Dwyer

Do you want to progress your career to the next level? If the answer is yes, an Executive MBA programme could be the perfect fit. Unlike traditional MBAs, the course is designed to fit seamlessly into the busy schedules of experienced, working professionals. Dr. Michele O’Dwyer, Associate Dean and Course Director of the UL MBA shares three specific reasons why an executive MBA is the perfect choice for those seeking career progression.

Flexible Course Structure

Though it’s important, we recognise that education is only one aspect of your life. You still need time to work, spend quality time with your family and friends, or even just to have time out to yourself. An Executive MBA offers a unique structure that works around your commitments. Instead of being full time, the classes are scheduled in the evenings or in monthly 3 day blocks.

At the present, the UL MBA is the only programme in Ireland to offer this block release structure. Rather than requiring a constant presence on campus, we keep students connected with an online learning platform that ensures you can make the most of your experience.

The blocks have a fixed schedule which allows you to plan your time in advance. In this way, you can minimise disruptions to your work and personal lives, and still focus 100% on your studies.

"I found that the 3 day block structure of the UL executive MBA programme offered great flexibility for structuring your work and family requirements around it as opposed to attending every week."

Lorchan Hoyne, U.L. MBA graduate

Diversity enhances the MBA experience

Typically, MBA candidates are fresh graduates, with less than 5 years’ work experience. In contrast, executive MBA candidates tend to be professionals with 10-15 years of work experience in a range of diverse sectors and industries.

An Executive MBA programme is built around a diverse, but high calibre, mix of students. The resulting experience and diverse backgrounds within Executive MBA programmes significantly enhances the learning experience. It facilitates the sharing of real world insights and practical experience throughout the course.

The diversity of executive MBA candidates provides a unique opportunity for professionals to view their area of expertise in a very different way. For example, we’ve had Finance Directors from MNC's completing our finance modules, and seeing things from a completely different perspective than before. This is because they are discussing the financial topics and theories as part of a wider knowledge building framework.

Discussions with their fellow students enabled them to consider finance topics from marketing, management, strategy and HR perspectives. This provided them with a more well-rounded understanding of their field.

"The diversity and the calibre of my peer group in the UL MBA really added to my classroom and learning experience. I found that I learnt a huge amount by simply listening to the perspectives of others".

Siobhan Ryan, 2014 UL MBA Graduate

Learn today, apply tomorrow.

Unlike traditional MBAs, EMBA programmes are designed to teach students to apply theory to real world problems. The UL MBA programme uses a unique approach of using the latest research, reflective thinking and experiential learning to help students apply the knowledge they acquire in the real work environment. This constant application of their findings leads to more innovative decision-making and ultimately, faster career progression.

"Having worked my way through the commercial organization of Aer Lingus over many years, studying an MBA at UL in 2010 was my first brush with formal education since I left school. However, the MBA provided an academic framework to much of what I had been doing, unearthing new disciplines and fascinating new perspectives."

Enda Corneille, Country Manager - Ireland, Emirates

For these reasons and more, a 2009 Global Management Education Graduate Survey on MBA programmes found Executive MBA graduates to be the most satisfied with their education. After all, students emerge from an EMBA with the confidence, competence and capability to accelerate their career progression. Overall, executive MBA programmes offer the most feasible opportunity for busy professionals to further their careers without disrupting their work and personal lives.

To find out more on how the UL Executive MBA programme can work with your schedule and progress your career, get in touch with our course leaders today.

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