The UL MBA graduates learning experiences

  • Sector: Health, Wellness & Fitness

    Michelle Gallagher

    Marketing Director at EXi

    Michelle balanced family and work, bolstered her management knowledge and capability, re-shaped her decision making and increased her confidence.

  • Sector: Education

    Jennifer Moroney Ward

    CEO PAUL Partnership

    Jennifer explains how those from the community and voluntary sector benefit from a UL MBA.

  • Sector: Healthcare

    Danny Rock

    Director of Global Sourcing, Stryker

    While on the corporate MBA programme, Danny balanced international travel, built a new network, and advanced his leadership skills to receive a promotion.

  • Sector: Public Sector

    Katie Clair

    Principal, Revenue Commissioners

    Katie explains the value of the UL MBA experience for those working in the public sector.

  • Sector: Aviation

    Michael Barcoe

    Pilot Officer (Captain), Irish Air Corps

    Michael took on a corporate MBA to help him move into management and chose UL for it's aviation stream.

  • Sector: Healthcare

    Barry O’Sullivan

    Pharmacy Manager Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi

    Barry joined the UL MBA programme to help speed his journey into management.

  • Sector: Aviation

    John Butler

    First Officer Boeing Pilot, Ryanair

    For John a highlight of the UL MBA programme was the international trip to California. He also found the 3-day block format a good fit for his busy home and work life.

  • Sector: Technology

    Haidee McMahon

    Senior Director of Product Management

    How the UL MBA unique 3-day block format helped Haidee successfully juggle work, family and study.

  • Sector: SME

    Marie Clifford

    Managing Director, ATC

    Marie joins UL’s MBA programme to help shape the strategy for her enterprise and push for growth.

Student Stats

Our students come from hugely diverse career backgrounds*,
delivering a unique MBA experience.

Rewarding excellence

UL offers a varying number of merit-based scholarships each year, aimed at attracting a diverse student population, many of whom would not otherwise have access to an MBA programme. UL partners with the 30% Club to offer an MBA scholarship for women who want to maximise their career potential. All scholarships are open to all applicants who have a level 8 degree and at least 4 years’ experience (Equivalent qualifications are considered). Individual MBA applicants, who believe they may be a scholarship candidate, can contact the MBA course director for more information.

Strong calibre of professionals

Learn within a group of high calibre peers. An MBA programme is a shared learning experience. To create such a dynamic you need a group of students with a variety of experiences, perspectives and ideas. At UL we are fortunate to attract a strong and varied cross section of high calibre people to our MBA programme from both indigenous and international businesses and organisations.

Employers of past and present students

At UL we attract a strong and varied cross section of high calibre people from both indigenous and international businesses and organisations to our MBA programme. Below are just some of the organisations for whom our past and present students work.

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  • Executive MBA Programme Director - Prof. Michele O’Dwyer

    If you have any specific queries on any element of the UL Executive MBA programme, please get in touch with me directly using my contact details below.

    T: +353 (0)61 213161

Full List of Lecturers

  • Prof. Philip O’Regan

    Financial Reporting

  • Prof. Stephen Kinsella

    Macroeconomics and the Global Economy

  • Prof. John Fahy

    Market Orientation and Customer Focus

  • Dr. Noreen Heraty

    Organisational Behaviour

  • Dr. Siobhan Tiernan

    Air Transport Characteristics

  • Dr. John Carr

    Supply Chain Management

  • Prof. Michael Morley

    Managing in the International Context

  • Prof. Sheila Killian

    Corporate Finance

  • Dr. Helen Purtill

    Data Analysis for Business Decisions

  • Prof. Bernadette Andreosso

    Globalisation and International Economic Issues

  • Angela Liddy

    Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Dr. John McCarthy

    Corporate Strategy Analysis

  • Prof. Tony Dundon

    Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Dr. Fergal McGrath

    Information Systems and Knowledge Management

  • Prof. Lisa O’Malley

    Relationship Marketing

  • Gene Leonard

    Lean Tools and Techniques

  • Dr. Nuala Ryan

    Strategic Leadership

  • Prof. Michele O’Dwyer

    Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

  • Catriona Burke

    The Strategic Management of Projects: Science and Principles

  • Prof. Ciarán Casey


The above teaching faculty are supplemented by a range of MBA subject experts from both industry and other academic institutions.