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How Professional Diversity and Multinational Company Enhance the MBA Experience

diversity enhances the MBA experience

You only have to review Fortune’s 2015 top 50 business people of the year to see that leaders emerge from a myriad of backgrounds; all types of professions, challenges, religions and regions. However, they all share one thing; an unrelenting drive to develop and grow, both personally and professionally.

Imagine if we were to gather these 50 people into a room to discuss and share thoughts on a topic such as strategic leadership or implementing strategy or international management. An interesting, enlightening, thought provoking dialogue of opinions, insights and experiences would ensue, with each person learning and feeding off the other. Such diversity is the basis of a truly effective MBA experience.

What does this diversity bring to the UL MBA?

It means a person from a multinational company is approaching a challenge or opportunity in a very different way to a person from a small family owned firm. Due to a strong personal vested interest, the latter will be accustomed to maximising use of limited resources to achieve maximum impact. Whereas those coming from a multi-national company will have an appreciation of the social capital needed to progress projects but have to learn how to access and leverage resources.

"The diversity and the calibre of my peer group in the UL really added to my classroom and learning experience. I found that I learnt a huge amount by simply listening to other people’s perspectives.

Siobhan Ryan, 2014 UL MBA graduate

Different perspectives, experiences and ideas lights up a group

A student with decades of industry experience may have as little knowledge about a particular topic as someone with only a few years’ experience. We have had Finance Directors from MNC's sitting our finance modules and seeing things from a completely different perspective. This is because they are discussing topics and theories as part of a wider knowledge building framework i.e. they’re taking the finance material in conjunction with marketing, management, strategy, HR etc.

However, all MBA students have something in common – they want to share their different experiences and learn. Sharing of real world experiences is integral to the success of the UL MBA.

"One of the things that I wasn't expecting was the benefit of working in a close group of like-minded professionals. I was really pleased with the way that the dynamic was towards helping each other."

Lorchan Hoyne, 2014 UL MBA graduate

Diversity forms the basis of a truly effective MBA experience.

A diverse group of MBA students drives fresh thinking, new insights and challenging perspectives, delivering a unique MBA experience which is both invaluable and intangible.

When considering undertaking an MBA, the first question to the MBA programme director should not be ‘what's on the course?’ but ‘who's on the course?’. And rest assured, the more diverse and unrelated the mix of people you’ll share blood, sweat and tears with, the better!

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