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An International Focus

Key to the UL MBA programme is our focus on international learning and practical application. Each cohort attends a week-long international workshop, in which we travel to a global business hub in another country and meet with industry leaders in various sectors that relate to our students’ sectors and areas of interest.

Last year 34 students embarked on an incredible international workshop in San Francisco, where we visited iconic international businesses such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and even Google. Cisco treated us to a full half-day tour complete with superb presentations by their UK and Ireland CEO Phil Smith, as well as their VPs of CSR and Corporate Affairs. We met with Andre Yousefi and Kurt Dammermann, the co-founders of Lime-Lab, a subsidiary of PCH International, as well as the firm’s general manager, Christian Schluender.

Other visits included Philip Grant at the Irish Consulate, Barry O’Brien at Silicon Valley Bank, Tommy Geary at Hewlett-Packard and John McGuire at Active Mind Technologies, home of an exciting golfing product. We also met Barry O’Sullivan of Alto Cloud, who may be better known as one of the dragons on the hit show Dragon’s Den.

“The MBA international workshop exposed us to the best thinking and innovative practices in a diverse range of fields,” said one student. “By evolving how I think, I’m able to make better and more informed decisions.”

In 2017 we’ll return to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, with an extra stop in Seattle to meet with industry leaders at Boeing, Amazon and Starbucks. It should be another exciting and enlightening trip!

If you have any questions about our international workshop or your suitability for the UL MBA programme, contact our course director Dr. Michele O’Dwyer on +353 61 213 161 or michele.odwyer@ul.ie..

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