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The true benefit of an MBA Alumni Network

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The value of an alumni network is often overlooked or underestimated. For many considering an MBA programme, the strength and depth of the alumni group isn’t always a decision making factor when reviewing MBA schools. This is a missed opportunity though! A strong and active alumni network can be a hugely important resource, which deserves consideration. Using the UL MBA Alumni Network as a reference point, this article explains some of the true benefits an alumni network can offer.

The philosophy of the UL MBA Alumni Network

Your UL MBA journey doesn’t end upon graduation. Our Alumni Network is specifically designed to support lasting connections and new opportunities. Our focus is on helping graduates maintain important business and personal relationships and support each other with new possibilities and opportunities.

Benefits of a strong MBA alumni network

  • The UL MBA Alumni Network hosts regular events to bring together graduates from various disciplines across different industries, to openly share experiences and perspectives. It’s this diversity which fosters both learning and mentoring amongst alumni, everyone has something to share and equally, an opportunity to learn.
  • Groups such as the UL MBA Alumni LinkedIn group, are a great platform for finding and sharing expertise, making “inside” introductions to progress business projects or careers, accessing leading industry positions, identifying customers open positions, mentoring future business leaders.
  • UL MBA Alumni get access to exclusive workshops and events, designed to add value to your lifelong MBA journey and encourage continued learning. Guest speakers and high profile contributors attend, to give their insights, thoughts and learnings to our alumni, free of charge! Past speakers include Dr Stephen Kinsella, Paulo Alves, BMW Group and Professor John Fahy.
  • Being part of an active MBA alumni network means instant access to a pool of likeminded professionals, a pool which grows over time, resulting in an ever expanding network of valuable life-long business contacts and relationships.

An MBA Alumni Network should be an enjoyable, but productive vehicle for new and exciting possibilities. Whether its teaching and learning from others, growing your network or accessing workshops, the benefits of a strong and active MBA alumni network are many.

So take the time to speak to the executive MBA team, or past graduates, of whichever MBA school you’re considering, to get a sense of how their alumni network really performs. Even better, if you can attend a well organised alumni event, you’ll see what it’s really about – meeting other passionate and engaged people who willingly share their experiences and perspectives. An MBA programme is a significant investment, make sure you get the full return.

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