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Mark Hussey, UL MBA graduate

I graduated with the UL MBA class of 2012-2014 and thoroughly enjoyed my journey. However, like all things in life sometimes the unexpected catches you by surprise. For me, it was a deterioration of my health. During the summer of 2013, I began to feel unwell and without a diagnosis I was getting progressively more ill. At the same time, I was still going to college and participating in projects, one of which was a class trip to Brazil at the start of our second year. This was the trip of a lifetime and unfortunately my health prevented me from fully embracing it.

ULMBA Graduation in UL Concert Hall

The value of an alumni network is often overlooked or underestimated. For many considering an MBA programme, the strength and depth of the alumni group isn’t always a decision making factor when reviewing MBA schools. This is a missed opportunity though! A strong and active alumni network can be a hugely important resource, which deserves consideration. Using the UL MBA Alumni Network as a reference point, this article explains some of the true benefits an alumni network can offer.

The philosophy of the UL MBA Alumni Network